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    Korg SP-280 Digital Piano

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    Lightweight and portable with realistic piano feel

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    About Korg SP-280 Digital Piano


    Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard

    Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard is configured to match a traditional piano, with a heavier touch in the lower notes and becoming progressively lighter as the notes go higher. Three levels of Key Touch Control allow the keyboard response helps retaining the subtle nuances of the original performance while matching the playing style of the pianist.

    LINE IN and LINE OUT jacks

    The LINE IN jack (stereo mini-jack) allows you to plug in a portable device and listen to music through the SP-280's speakers while you play along, offering a convenient and simple setup for live performance. The LINE OUT jacks (phone jacks) permit you to connect amplified speakers or a recording device.

    Pedal effects

    The damper pedal also functions as a half-damper pedal, allowing you to vary the damper effect based on the pressure on the pedal. If an optional pedal unit (PU-2) is connected, you'll also be able to use soft and sostenuto pedals in addition to the damper pedal. This gives you three pedals just as on an acoustic piano, and is recommended for the serious pianist.

    MIDI capability

    The SP-280 supports MIDI for transferring performance data between electronic musical instruments and computers. MIDI allows connected devices to control each other, and lets you use the SP-280 as a 16-part multi-tonal sound module.

    Other Features

    The SP-280 is crafted with portability in mind. Including the stand, it weighs less than 42 lbs making it light-weighted and portable.

    A sturdy metal stand makes setup is easy and leaves the floor spick and span.

    Three settings to choose from that respond to your playing dynamics.

    The built-in metronome assists you in adjusting the time signature, tempo, and volume. It doubles as a bell sound adding the accent.





    88 notes (A0–C8), NH Keyboard (Natural Weighted Hammer Action)

    Touch selection

    Light, Normal, Heavy


    Transpose, Fine tuning


    9 kinds

    Sound generation

    Stereo Piano System

    Maximum polyphony

    120 voices


    30 (10 x 3 Banks); 
    Acoustic Piano x 5, Electric Grand, Electric Piano x 6, Harpsichord, Clavi x 2,Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Organ x 3, Pipe Organ x 3, Strings x 3, Choir 3


    Brilliance, Reverb and Chorus (3 levels each)

    Demo Songs

    30 (Sound Demo song x 10, Piano Demo Song x 20)
    *Please listen demo songs by clicking SoundCloud button on the right.


    Tempo, Time signature, Accent, Sound and Volume controls


    *Half-pedaling supported, or Optional Pedal unit (Sold separately)


    Line Out (L/MONO, R), Line In, MIDI (In, Out), Headphones x 2, Pedal, Pedal unit


    Power, Volume, Piano Song, Transpose, Function, Touch, Brilliance, Reverb, Chorus, Bank, Sound x 10, Up, Down, Metronome


    22 Watt × 2


    Oval (16 cm – 8cm) x 2

    Power supply

    DC 19 V, AC adapter (included)

    Power Consumption


    (W x D x H)

    1,361 × 406 × 785 mm / 53.58 × 15.98 × 30.91 inches 
    (including Stand, excluding Music stand)


    19 kg / 41.89 lbs (including Stand, excluding Music stand)


    AC adapter
    Music Stand
    Damper pedal


    Pedal unit PU-2

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