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Casio CTK-7000
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  • Casio CTK-7000

Casio CTK-7000

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The CTK6300IN is a keyboard designed for the Indian musician with.

61 Keys
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12 Indian rhythms, 20 Indian tones and more

Out of 210 versatile rhythms,12 are Indian rhythms that include BHANGRA, DADRA, GARBA, KEHARWA, DANDIYA, TEEN TAAL, BHAJAN, JHAP TAAL, RUPAK, INDIAN POP 1, INDIAN POP 2, INDIAN POP 3

The 20 Indian tones out of the 700 high-quality tones are SITAR 1,SITAR 2,SITAR 3,SITAR PAD,TANPURA 1,TANPURA 2,HARMONIUM 1,HARMONIUM 2,HARMONIUM 3,SANTUR 1,SANTUR 2,SAROD 1,SAROD 2,SAROD 3,SHANAI,SARANGI 1,SARANGI 2,BANSURI,PUNGI,TABLA. Furthermore, CTK-6300IN comes with stereo sampled grand piano tones. You can also sample up to 10 user tones

Sequencer and mixer functions for complete musical creation support

The Song Sequencer has a 17-track Song Sequencer (16 tracks + 1 system track) that acts as a multi-track recorder, so you can use it for real-time recording of your keyboard play. You can perform multi-track recording to layer bass, guitar, piano, and other instruments onto a drum part leading up to the final song. This supports both real-time and step recording. Completed recordings can be converted to SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and stored to an SD memory card.


The 32-channel Mixer with one for each channel can be used for individual simultaneous adjustment of volume, pan, reverb send, and other parameters.


Music expandability

SD Memory Card Slot – Song sequencer, tone editor, and other data can be saved to an SD or SDHC memory card. An Audio Record function can be used to record digital audio data. SMF (Standard MIDI File) data stored on an SD or SDHC memory card can be played back on the digital keyboard.

Input/Output Terminals – Different input/output terminals are provided to meet a variety of different needs: line out terminals (L/MONO, R) for connection of the mixer of a stage PA system or other devices.

USB Port – The USB port provides easy computer and MIDI send/receive connection. It also enables quick and simple transfer of song sequencer, tone editor and other data to an SD memory card from an audio device between the digital keyboard and a computer. Download of a special Data Manager 6.1 application is required in order to transfer data to a computer


The experience of rich musical instrument quality

AHL Sound Source is pre-programmed with digital samples of acoustic musical instruments recorded using the most advanced digital technology. Thanks to CASIO original sound technology, the AHL sound source is capable of reproducing all of the natural smoothness of the original waveform.

Equalizer incorporates five selectable frequency characteristics,including “Bright” for a lively sound emphasizing the treble range and “Powerful” with a stress on volume.

The Display shows the currently selected tone name and rhythm name, along with a wealth of other information. On the sequencer screen, for example, you can check the current status and volume level of each of the 16 tracks, and other setting information at a glance.


Piano-Style Keyboard and Touch Response gives you a realistic piano experience. Just like a grand piano keyboard, Touch Response causes sound that is output to change in accordance with the amount of pressure applied to the keys.

High-output 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers – A 6W+6W high-output bass reflex 2-way 4-speaker system delivers rich sound from low range to high. The speakers can be used as high-quality monitoring speakers during performances and music creation sessions.


Pitch Bend Wheel makes it easy to add realistic sounding guitar choking, sax bending, and other effects to keyboard play.

Music presets provide one-touch access to Auto Accompaniment, tone, reverb, and other settings that are configured in accordance with representative chord progressions. A total of 305 presets let you easily configure the keyboard for a wide variety of different musical styles. In addition to built-in presets, you can create your own original presets (user presets) and store them in memory for later recall.




61 piano-style keys

Touch Response

2 sensitivity levels, Off

Sound Source

AHL (Dual-element)

Maximum Polyphony



700(Including 20 Indian tones)


Layer, Split

Digital Effects

  •          Reverb: 10types
  •          Chorus: 5 types (simultaneous use with DSP not supported.)
  •          DSP: 100 preset, 100 user (simultaneous use with Chorus not supported.)
  •          EQ(Equalizer): 5(Off, Soft, Bright, B.Boost, Powerful)


210(Including 12 Indian rhythms)

Auto Accompaniment

  •          CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord
  •          Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending(Accompaniment volume adjustable)

Built-in Songs

5 (demo tunes)


Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tempo range: quarter note = 30 to 255 per minute)


Real-time recording(Easy Rec Multi-track Rec), Step recording, Song edit, Track edit, Event edit(delete, copy, insert, quantize, etc.)
User Songs: 5 songs, 17 tracks per song(1 system track + 16 multi tracks)
Approximate Data Capacity: 12,000 notes(5 songs total)

Other Functions

  •          Mixer: 32 channels
  •          Tone editor (10 user tones)
  •          Registrations: 32 setups (4 sets x 8 banks)
  •          Music preset: 305 preset with chord progression, chord edit
  •          One-touch preset
  •          Auto harmonize: 12 types
  •          Arpeggiator: 150 types
  •          Octave shift: ±2 octaves
  •          Song controller: Play/Stop, Fast Forward, Fast Backward, Pause, Repeat (Song volume adjustable)
  •          Pitch bend wheel : 0 to 24 semitones
  •          Large Dial

Key Transpose

±1 octave (-12 to +12 semitones)

Tuning Control

A4 = 415.5 - 440.0 - 465.9 Hz


Standard jack

Display Screen

LCD with backlight

SD Memory Card Slot

  •          Supported memory cards: From 2GB up to 32GB SD memory cards or SDHC memory cards
  •          Functions: SMF playback (up to 320KB per file), file save/load/delete, card format
  •          Save/load: Registrations, user rhythms, user tones, user DSPs, user music presets, song sequencer songs


  •          GM Compatibility: Level1
  •          Terminals: USB


12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2, bass-reflex system, speaker on/off

Amp Output


Input/Output Terminals

  •          Audio in(stereo mini jack)
  •          Line output (L/MONO, R for each, Standard jack)
  •          Phones (stereo standard jack)
  •          Sustain/assignable
  •          USB: type B
  •          External power (12V DC)

* USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.

Power Requirements

Batteries: D-size x 6/AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW

Dimensions (W x D x H)

948 x 384 x 122mm 
* Excluding music stand, and other projections


Approximately 5.7kg (Excluding batteries)

Included Accessories

AC adaptor (AD-A12150LW), music stand

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